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Interior Doors

Contemporary Solid Wood
Interior Door up to 96" tall

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 One stop source for affordable modern and contemporary solid wood Italian interior doors.

From our inventory we offer the most fashionable and latest designs currently available in the market.

Our prices fit any budget.

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What is pre-hung?
​Pre-hung door is a door that is already hanging in its own frame. Getting a pre-hung unit will save you time and money when installing your new luxury door. The main components of a pre-hung door are: rubber sealed single rabbet frames, matching casings, and your choice of hinges.

Under what circumstances should you get a pre-hung door?
​If you fall under one of these categories it would be best for you to get a pre-hung door:
- New construction or house renovation
​- No existing door frame

​What is a door slab?
A door slab is a rectangular slab of wood and it does not come with any type of hinges, frames and moldings.

​Why would I need a door slab?
- Sliding door solution
- Pocket door solution
​- Replacement of the currently existing door, without removing your existing frame

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Featured Solid Core up to 8 Feet Tall