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Single Rabbeted Jambs made from engineered wood
Rubber Seal

See picture below in order to know how to accurately measure rough opening. First, three times measure the widths between the studs of the entryway. On picture 1 they are highlighted with arrowed lines and A, B, C. Be sure to record the smallest width of the 3 measurements. Second, measure the height on both sides (see picture 2 A, B lines) and also record the smallest measurement.

Determining your Door Size (for the single and double door configurations)

From your rough opening width subtract 2 1/2", and 1 1/4" from the height. This will determine your door slab size

Please Note: our solid door collection doors have thicker frames. Subtract minimum 2 3/4" from the rough opening width (recommended: 3 1/4") and minimum 2 1/4" from the rough opening height (recommended: 2 1/2").

Door Construction Overview

A Swinging Door itself can't be used in a proper way without its frame. Our door frames consist from the following components: Single Rabbeted Jambs, L-shaped Casings. Door Slab gets attached to one of the Jambs. The Casings are applied around the door into the jambs for decorating purposes. All components are finished with the same color and texture.

Single Rabbeted Jambs

This is the latching mechanism which consists of a spring and bearing from one side and a receiving striking plate from the opposite side. It is mounted on the top of the door. A strike plate is mounted on the door jamb and a spring and bearing mechanism is installed on a door slab recessed in a hole drilled on the top of the door. This option is generally used on closet doors where a latch is not used or needed. Mainly paired with Dummy Handles or knobs.

Flush Bolt

Pocket doors are usually used when there is no room for the swinging door or for achieving an architectural effect.

The Door Slab slides on rollers that are placed in an overhead track. In most cases bottom door guides are needed for a stable slide.

Pocket Door Hardware

Please note our door slabs are 1 ¾” or 44 mm thick. If ordering standard pocked door system – be sure it can be adjusted to fit the panel. You can choose pocket door pulls and locks when configuring your door. Choice of passage or privacy hardware options available.

  • Solid Wood Interior Doors
  • Natural Wood Veneer Doors
  • Laminated Doors
  • Italian Hardware
  • Door Jambs & Casings 
  • 8-0 (96") Tall in STOCK

AGB Italian Magnetic Lock

Door unit which is prepared for easy installation. Typically, Pre-Hung doors are mortised for the hinges and pre-drilled for the handles. They include matching door Jambs and Casings, Hinges and Jamb width extension (if necessary). They could be assembled (Complete Unit) or Knocked Down. offers pre-hung doors in knocked down for easy and safe shipping.

Knocked Down Pre-Hung DoorsType

Pocket Doors Information

A pocket door is a sliding door that slides back into a compartment (pocket) in the wall. These types of doors slide right into the wall and don't have any hinges like standard swing doors. Also these doors don't have any swing direction. Please review the illustrations below in order to have clear idea of pocket doors in single and double configurations.

Take your wall thickness measurement from edge to edge (as illustrated here). Please note that sheetrock thickness is also considered in a total measurement sum as well as any tile that may be on the wall.

Available Concealed Hinges as an Option

***Knocked Down Doors will have pre-machined mortise for European Magnetic Lockset.

Standard (American) Handle Preparation

Left or Right Hand means that hinged side of the door is located from your left or right hand side accordingly. Location where you are standing when determining swing direction is considered as outside.

Double Doors Are Available for Most Door Models 

Door Closing Options

Ball and Catch

Door Slab Only - No handle preparation - No deadbolt preparation - No frame or hinges included.

Pre-hung doorType

Interior Doors

Rubber seal is used for noise insulation and shock absorption when closing the door, as well as helping to reduce dust in the room.

Jambs Width Extension

Jamb Extensions are additional parts for extending the door frame. If the wall thickness is greater than this standard jamb width, extensions must be used. Jamb width extensions come in identical finishes. Standard frame covers 4 3/16” to 5 3/4”. Jamb extensions give you the ability to cover additional widths.
Wall Thickness Measurement

Made from solid engineered wood. The door stop inlays a rubber seal.
The thickness of the door jamb is 4 1/4”, which is adjustable by using the L-Casing molding.

L-shaped and flat casings

Door Swing Direction

Swing direction refers to the hinged side of the door and the way the door swings: inside or outside of the room or home. It is important to choose correct swing direction. In some case pre-hung door with wrong chosen swing direction could not be reversed.

Please review the illustrations below in order to have clear understanding of door swing directions.

Single Doors Swing Directions

Technical details

Pre-hanging information. Difference between Door Slab and Pre-Hung Door

Door Slab Only​Type

Concealed Hinges

Fully concealed hinges. 3 to 4 hinges per door slab (depending on door size). Zinc Bodies and Steel Links. Finish: Satin Chrome (other finishes are available upon request)

Plain-Bearing Hinges

All steel base material. Plain bearings. Full mortise. Finishe: Satin Nickel.
Size: 4" x 3" square hinge. 3 to 4 hinges per door (depending on door size).

Available Handle Preparation options

European Magnetic Lock Mortise offers knocked down pre-hung doors that are easy to assemble and to install. Door slabs and Jambs are precisely pre-machined to exact match each other during assembly. Jambs and casings are carefully packed and shipped together with door slabs. Every piece is labeled to make assembly and installation quick and easy at the job site.

Rough opening measurement

A Knocked Down Door will have pre-drilled bore for a handle with 2 3/8” backset.
Bore diameter will be 2 1/8”
Backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole

Please note: If you don't need handle preparation, or need an extra pre-drill for deadbolt contact us at [email protected] or call (954)404-7808

European Magnetic Lock Functionality

Made from plywood.
Door casings width: 2 3/4”

Frame Overview

 (for illustration purpose only)

Swing Direction for double door configuration depends on Closure Option. Double doors with flush bolt closures have one door slab as active and the other as passive. Depending on which slab will be active or passive, swing direction should be chosen.
When the closure option is Ball and Catch then both door slabs will be active and you can choose the way the doors swing; In-swing / Out-swing. Please refer to the following illustration in order to determine your double door swing direction.

Ball and Catch​

Flush Bolt is a bolt installed on a door side in order to lock it in place. It is mainly used in Double Door Configurations where one door is locked in place and the other is in active use. If necessary, the door locked with the flush bolt can be opened.

Double Doors Swing Directions